Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pregnancy Update; 32 Weeks

Just a quick update! I am really getting anxious for this baby to come! The weeks are counting down!

I will most likely be induced at 38-39 weeks so they can stop my blood thinners before I go into labor. Which means we only have 6-7 weeks until baby-day!!

There's still a lot that needs done until she arrives and she does not have a name, but I am calm...for now!

I have routine OB appointment next Tuesday and ultrasound to see if she turned from being breech! I also scheduled a breastfeeding class for next week as well since I did not breastfeed our first!

Still trying to plan how we will handle A being home for the delivery (praying I do not go into labor before induction date!) and we are hoping he can take at least a week off to be home with me and our newborn!

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