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I love hearing feedback, making new friends, and hearing from other trucker wives! Please contact me and boost my confidence by letting me know what you love about my blog. I also like hearing constructive criticism on how I could make this blog better and topics you would like to read about! Don't be shy!

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Inquires about advertising, reviews, and giveaways...

As a blogger I have the oppurtunity of reaching out to many people. By reviewing products and hosting giveaways my blog recieves promotion and gains followers, while also promoting the product/business I am reviewing. Help me, help you by letting me trial and review your products!!
  • This blog accepts products to trial and review. I will also host giveaways as long as I have had the chance to use or trial the product first to be sure I am willing to promote said product
  • I will review any product no matter how small, even for handmade crafting businesses!
  • Products must be shipped free of charge to my home address
  • All products become property of RollOnMomma and cannot be returned
  • Once products are received, reviews will be posted via this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram within 14 business days unless otherwise discussed, if there is a problem doing so I will contact you
  • I will always give my 100% honest opinion (I'm not hard to please!) but if there are negative issues I will contact you before posting any review on my blog for permission to do so
  • I do not accept monetary reimbursement for my reviews to ensure 100% honest feedback!
  • All products must be conductive to topics discussed on this blog 
    • Being a wife to a trucker husband
    • Staying connected to a spouse who is only home on weekends and keeping romance alive
    • Running a household and parenting by myself while my husband is on the road
    • Crafting, crocheting and sewing, mostly baby, toddler, and trucker related items!
    • Raising a toddler boy (2 1/2 yo)
    • Currently pregnant with a girl due Aug. 1, 2012. With many pregnancy complications.
    • Holding a career as a Respiratory Therapist through it all
If you are interested in an honest review and promotion of your product please email Kayla at

At this time I am not hosting advertising space. I am still looking into the best way to handle advertising. If you would like to get on my advertising waiting list please email Kayla at

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