My Handmade Shop

My passion and hobby is crafting! I love making beautiful things out of nothing. Somethings I most often make are crochet hats, hair pins, headbands, and other items for babies and toddlers!

Granddaughter Designs

I began selling these items under the name "Granddaughter Designs" in memory of my grandmother who had a passion for crocheting and quilting! Check out my facebook page devoted to my handmade items!

When my husband started trucking OTR I made him a quilt that fit his truck bunk and also a few other items that are unique. When other trucker wives saw these items they asked me if I would make these items for them as well!

I will post all my "Ready to ship" (RTS) items on this page and on my Facebook page! If you are interested in any of my items please email me at!

I accept PayPal, Cash, and Checks. Buyer pays shipping. All sales final. RTS items will ship 5-7 business days after payments have cleared. First come, first served. I will occasionally accept custom orders for a fee, just ask!

How I price my crafts for those interested: ((hours labor x $7.25min wage) + cost of materials) = base price


  1. The HAT was a hit at the baby shower---the adults want one!!!

  2. I'm glad everybody liked it! Hopefully I will get my shop up and running soon, its been hard to keep up when people ask me to make things since my husband is away all week long and I'm trying to get through this pregnancy! I usually have to tell people "No" but you gave me so much notice I was able to work myself up to do it! I thought it turned out pretty good too!