Monday, May 6, 2013

Pregnancy update; week 28; baby name delimma!

28 WEEKS! :)

My bump has definitely popped out there since I have last updated about my pregnancy! We are all getting very excited about seeing our tiny baby girl.

Since my last update I have switched to a new OB and am seeing the high risk doctor due to the blood clots I had earlier this year, but thank the good Lord above that all the other issues we have encountered have seem to go away!

The only issue our family has so far is coming up with the time to discuss baby names!! With A being gone during the week and me working every other weekend, it is really hard to find the time to really sit down and give it the thought it needs!!

I think that is why this pregnancy has seem to fly by. Since A is OTR and I am left at home alone to deal with all the chores, work, and taking care of our two year old, it does not leave much time to sit and daydream as I did with my first pregnancy!

Does anybody have any baby name suggestions!? We are leaning towards a "K" name!


  1. Kristin
    Kathy (Kathryn)

  2. I like Kenadee but my husband doesn't. :(