Friday, April 26, 2013

Supporting Jason's Law

For those of you who may be new to trucking or just unaware, I wanted to inform you of the story of Jason Riverburg. Jason was a devoted father, husband and OTR truck driver that many of our men can relate to.

On March 4, 2009, en route to drop-off a load in South Carolina, he had to take a section of highway that did not have suitable rest areas or truck stops. Just 12 miles shy of his destination he was forced to park at an abandoned gas station that was rumored to be "safe" among other divers.

He was later found murdered in his bunk and just $7.00 missing from his wallet. His wife gave birth to twins 13 days following his murder.

Hope Riverburg, Jason's wife, has made it her mission to make the roads a safer place for other truck drivers. We should all have pride and respect for what she is doing for our spouses out there! On March 14, 2012 the senate passed the transportation bill (and Jason's Law) 74 to 22!

A brief summary of Jason's Law taken from Jason's Law Web Page
  • Construction of safe truck parking facilities & construction of public parking facilities next to commercial truck stops and travel plazas.
  • Use existing facilities for truck parking, including inspection and weigh stations and park-and-ride facilities.
  • Construct turnouts along the National Highway System & promote the availability of publicly and privately owned parking.
  • Make capital improvements to public truck parking facilities currently closed on a seasonal basis.

Although senate has passed the law and funding is available to create safer rest areas, truck drivers continue to be forced to park at unsecured and unsafe places. We need to continue fighting and supporting Jason's Law until the roads are a safer place for one of our nations most vital resources, truck divers.

Hope Riverburg and Truth About Trucking are looking for OTR driver's to take part in a two month survey. The  goal is to collect data concerning inadequate truck parking to present to government officials. Hope also plans to present the results of this study at the 3rd Annual Truck Driver's Social Media Convention.

If you or your spouse would like to be part of this initiative please follow this link to read the qualifications and contact Hope at

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