Saturday, June 1, 2013

10 Tips for New Trucker Wives; Plan out your time spent together!

As I said before there is not much information out there about "How to be a Trucker-wife" or how to make this life easier on yourself and your family. It took a while after my husband started OTR to get a handle on things and to be content with this decision. At the time I had wished there was somebody there to give me advice in the beginning, maybe it would not have taken me so long to accept this life and make the most of it!

So I decided to comprise a list of tips for new trucker-wives and how to handle the transition easier. This list can also be useful if your significant other has any job away from home.

Last week I discussed the importance of being flexible This week I will continue on with this series and talk a little about spending quality time together.

So here goes, tip #4...

4. Plan out your time spent together!

 It is always nice to have something to look forward to do together when your husband is home. Plan your time so you get the most out of it since the two of you do not get to spend a lot of time together.
If it has been awhile since the two of you have had time "alone", find a sitter and plan a date together. If your kids are missing their daddy more this week, plan a trip to the playground with daddy so they are excited all week instead of sad about him being away.
Useing what little time you have in the most efficient way will help keep your relationship smooth sailing despite the constant distant between you.
I also always try to get most of the chores done through the week so most of our time can be spent together on weekend and not wasted on chores that I had time to do all week. This will
make your time together more enjoyable.

This week we are planning to go to a local cash bash picnic and then take our little one to the movie's to see the new EPIC movie! What plans do you have with your trucker this weekend?


  1. WARNING: This has been an area of great disappointment for both of us. Don't get resentful if plans fall through. All week long he and I both dream of what we want to do when he gets home, but the first, and most important, thing he has to accomplish is REST. He only has a 34 hour restart before he has to go back on the road and start that brutal pounding all over again. Always plan a date with the understanding that if he is too tired and needs his sleep/rest that is the #1 priority.

  2. His first priority should be showing His wife he is still crazy about her for just a few hours. If it's not then there's something wrong.

  3. I was happy to find a blog for truckers wives. What I find over and over again is when he comes home I am ready to go out and do something and he is ready to sit back, relax and enjoy his down time! This is where it takes compromise folks! Also if your hubby doesn't have a loving wife to come home to, why would he want to come home? Lets make our husbands happy to see the end of the road!