Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daddy's Little Long Hauler

Today is just a short post.

First thing C did when he woke up was ask to wear "Daddy's Truckin' Shirt". Even though it was bought second hand and has a couple stains, C proudly wears it because it reminds him of his Daddy.

After he put it on he got his dump trucks out and loaded them up with monster trucks and said he had to haul them to Ohio. I think somebody is missing his Daddy today. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

What funny things has the trucker life instilled in your children? What do you do to help them cope with Daddy being away? Share your comments and ideas! I would love to hear from others!


  1. How sweet! It is so hard for the little ones and for you too. Mine is on the road this weekend.


  2. My husband still hasn't made it home yet either. Another 18-wheeler backed into him when he was unloading and damaged his trailer so he was stranded most of Thursday waiting to get repaired. Hoping he makes it home before dark tonight!

  3. My two girls 5 & almost 2 do funny things like thst or say things daddy says to them while over the road, usually completely out of context which makes it that much more funny. I have to say I was relieved to find a positive blog about this life because so many i find were not at all. Thank you