Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There's an app for that review! Avocado

Since A has been OTR for 5 months now I have been researching how to stay connected to him and ways to keep our relationship alive and exciting!

One of the ways we stay connected is through our smart phones (HOW ROMANTIC!? Ha ha!). A has an Android phone and I have an IPhone. There are many relationship building apps that maybe some of you other trucker wives never thought of using before, so I decided to review a few of our favorites for you! I will review one app a week so keep checking back.

Avocado - Free

"Named one of the Best Social Apps of 2012 by The Next Web, Avocado was founded by a team of veterans from Google, YouTube, and Twitter who wanted to create beautiful and secure digital experiences for each couple everywhere."1

This app is created just for couples to stay connected! You can connect to one other person. Your significant other and yourself privately share a wall where updates and messages can be posted.

There are a few options when posting to your wall. You can choose to send a message, a photo, draw a picture, send or set your mood, choose from preset quick messages, or virtually send a "hug" or "kiss"! We have used this mostly to send messages and photos about our everyday life to keep one another in the loop. It is also fun and flirty to send a "hug" or "kiss" now and then just to let your significant other know you are thinking of them!

What is also great about this app is the list feature. Create up to 5 lists that are shared with your partner! This is great for to-do lists and grocery shopping so your partner is not surprised when you ask them to do something when they are home (in a perfect world my husband would just look at the lists and do the tasks, but I'm not that lucky!!) It is also good for husbands to post tasks that need completed during the week when they are away. This feature has really helped us keep up with household chores and repairs!

Another feature is a shared calendar! I can post my work schedule so A knows when I am working and that I probably will not answer the phone if he calls. I also put in my OB doctor appointments since A can not be there at least this way he feels like he is somewhat connected and can call and ask me how it went. In addition, if there are activities or errands that need to be done on the weekends when A is home I can post them to the calendar and he gets an alert and is reminded, therefore he knows what to expect on his days home!

This app is found both on Apple products and Android devices. It is a free app but you can unlock unlimited features for $19.99 a year, but in my honest opinion the free version is enough! Enjoy using your new app to stay connected to the trucker who stole your heart!
Check back next week for my next app review! If you and your significant other use your smart phone to stay connected let us know how by leaving a comment!

((I was not compensated or even asked to write this review, I simply wrote it for fun. If you do have a product you would like me to trial and review please feel free to e-mail me at

1. "Avocado: An App for Two." Google Play. Google, n.d. Web. 3 Apr. 2012. <>.

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