Monday, April 8, 2013

He didn't marry a Stepford wife!

I have been scouring the web looking for "trucker-wife" information and advice. The more I look the more and more disgusted I get.

I think the trucker-husbands have all banded together and posted all over the Internet "1000's ways to please your trucker husband." There is information upon information about letting your husband relax and rest all he wants when he is home. Do not "over-whelm" him with responsibilities or tasks. Always cook him his favorite meals and have the house spic and span!

BEWARE!! Because if you do not follow these instructions, and you happen to ask your husband to take out the trash when he is home, you should definitely expect him to cheat on you and never EVER come home!


I believe that a good man will continue to be a good man no matter his career choice. I have expectations of my husband. I expect him to be a father to our son. I expect him to take care of the things that I can not do when he is home. I expect him to treat me like a loving husband, even if the beds are not made or we are eating day-old pizza!

Men if you are reading need to continue to be a husband and father, even if you are OTR! You need to take care of the things your wife can not do. You need to show your wife love and affection when you are home, because she is probably craving your attention. You need to take part in your children's lives and jump in and take over their routine.

Truckers! You need to realize your wife is home all week taking care of 100% of the responsibilities, chores, children, work, with little time for herself. You can not expect her to be waiting at the door for you, decked out in a 1950's dress, hair done up, holding an apple pie, in a perfectly clean house, with children down for a nap, ready to jump in bed. This is real life....and real life continues when you are gone and does not come to a halt when you get home.

Having said that, I hold myself up to high expectations as well. I expect myself to be a thoughtful and loving wife and mother. I expect myself to make our family-time enjoyable because we don't have much time together. I do this by trying my best to take care of chores and errands during the week so we have more time to spend together on the weekends. I TRY to cook a good home-cooked meal at least once that he can enjoy and take left-overs with him for the week. And I TRY to be in a good mood and overlook the small things and choose my battles wisely.

But this should be in every marriage. There's give and take in every relationship, not just in the trucking world. When my husband married me he knew I wasn't the best house-keeper and I'm horrible at taking care of a check book. These things are not ever going to change because of my husband's job.

If you have married a good, trustworthy, responsible, loving man, he will continue to be that person no matter your imperfections. You do not have to worry about lot lizards just because you forgot to unload the dishwasher!


  1. this is great! thank you so much. I married a good man and like you all I seem to see is the negative side. I call BS I agree A good man will stay a good man as long as he truly is a good man. I have no fear of him cheating or bedding a nasty little lot lizard. he calls me daily and so much so that there are times we don't even have anything to talk about and I wouldn't give up those phone calls for anything. I trust my husband with all my heart and soul and miss him before he even walk back out the door

    1. Thank you for your comment! I can totally relate when you say you cannot wait for that phone call even when you have nothing to say! Keep in touch, like me on Facebook (Roll On Momma Blog) and keep checking back! I love hearing from others who are in my shoes!

  2. Thank you! I agree with everything you say. My husband knows what he needs done before he comes home because I set up a honey do list on my phone and share it with him. He will always come home to me and says he can't stand men who want to go out and have a woman in every city (kinda like a navy man having a woman in every port). If you are married and in this industry then you can make it work. It's not just about the man it's also about the woman. Your awesome, can't wait to read more.

    1. Thank you! It's great hearing others agree with this!