Monday, April 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 24; Including your husband in your pregnancy.

Every weekend my hubby gets home he says he can not believe how much our toddler son AND my belly have grown. It has really started to pop which is very exciting and reassuring knowing our new little girl is growing like she should!

I can tell it hurts A. being away and not being able to experience this pregnancy like he did with our son. He never missed an appointment during my son's pregnancy but this time he has not been able to make it to one appointment.

There are a few ways that I have tried to keep him in the loop this pregnancy...

1. Sent him pictures of my growing bump
2. Called him after every appointment and updated him on everything
3. Video recorded via my IPhone parts of the ultrasounds to send to him
4. Sent "100,000 Baby Names" book with him in the truck
5. Let him touch my belly when he is home (even though I hate it because I feel self-conscious)

If there are any other trucker-wives going through pregnancy alone send me a message or leave a comment! I would love hearing from another person going through the same thing and exchange ideas of how to keep your husband included in your pregnancy!

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