Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Safety Tips for Truck Driver Wives

An incident occurred in the past week to make me re-think what I post on my blog. If you have been keeping up with me over the past couple weeks you have probably already realized I have made a few changes. I have come to the harsh realization that some of those who may be reading what I write could possibly mis-use my information or pictures. This is why I have chosen to take down my photos that contain our faces and limit my personal stories. It is sad and scary that there are people out there that may use my blog to cause harm to myself or somebody else, but that is the harsh truth of this world. I will definitely keep posting helpful information for other driver's wives like myself, but I will be keeping my personal stories at a minimum. For the close family and friends who have been reading, I plan to start a new password-protected blog that I will be able to share with you. When I get around to it, I will provide a link.

In the meantime, this incident has sparked a new topic I would like to discuss. Safety tips for trucker wives and a few safety tips for the driver's too! Many of the tips I will discuss you all have probably thought about previously, but it never hurts to hear them again. I will warn you, this may get a little lengthy.
Home Alone Safety Tips
  • Never give out the information that you are home alone while your husband works away all week. If this information was given to the wrong person it could give them an opportunity to rob you clean and/or do harm to you and your family.
  • NEVER post to on-line social media groups that you are alone. Social media spreads like wildfire and before you know it friends of your friends of your friends of your friends 2nd grade school teacher suddenly know that you are "Taking advantage of your husband being on the road all week with a nice warm bath!" at 11:30pm!
  • When somebody knocks on the door, UPS, a neighbor, Jehovah's witness, do not let on that your husband is away. Act like he is just in the other room.
  • When answering the phone and somebody asks for your spouse, again, pretend that he is just busy, do not give out the information that he works away days and days at a time.
  • Always keep in daily contact with a near-by friend or family member.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked. (Okay I know this is hard to do in the summer, but at least at night, keep doors and all out-side accessible windows shut and locked.)
  • Keep a charged cell-phone within arms-reach.
  • Keep a few lights and/or the TV on during the night.
  • Install deadbolts and peepholes on doors, carbon monoxide/fire detectors in all rooms, closeable blinds/curtains on all outside-accessible windows, and if your budget allows a security system.
  • Do not let ANY acquaintances or strangers into your home and near your family while you are home alone. Always get to know and re-search those you invite into your home. It may seem a little paranoid, but a quick "google-search" of a new friend may show they are harboring dark secrets.
The following are a few safety tips that the wives out there might want to remind their husbands about. Men sometimes think they are able to handle any situation that comes their way, but there are bad people in this world that are out to scam and/or harm whoever they can.

Safety Tips for OTR Truck Drivers
  • Advise them to be cautious of anybody who approaches their truck at a truck stop or rest area.
  • Urge them to think twice when anybody asks them to step out of their truck for any reason, especially if they are asking them to walk behind the trailers with them.
  • Tell them to always keep their trucks locked, even when running into pay at a gas station or fast-food place.
  • Make sure they are aware that there are con-artists at rest-areas and truck-stops targeting truckers and trying to get a few bucks out of them. Keep an eye open for scams!
  • Be cautious of other truck drivers also. Not everybody is out to make a true friend! It is easy to feel camaraderie with other drivers when on the road, this is okay, but it can also cause you to let your guard down before you normally would.
  • Ask them to NEVER give out personal information to "friends" that they meet on the road. This includes your hometown, especially if its small. Also, do not give out your name (the wife) or other family member's names!
If you are reading my blog you probably already have an on-line life. You probably take part in social media websites, read and comment on blogs, possibly even run your own blog. Online support groups are another great places to meet others who are going through the same things you are going through, and being a trucker's wife you may already belong to this type of online community. There are many things you should be aware of and take caution of when posting any type of information online.

Internet Safety
  • Keep all personal social media accounts under the most scrutinized privacy settings.
  • Do not accept friend requests from those you do not know in "real-life".
  • Do not give out personal information on-line, including your hometown, address, phone numbers, names, names of children's schools, or personal e-mail addresses.
  • Do not post pictures that contain information of your where-abouts. Check pictures for landmarks, clothing, and/or other clues of your location.
  • Think twice before posting pictures of yourself or other family members that contain faces or other distinguishing marks and NEVER post pictures publicly of your children (or yourself) in little clothing.
  • Never post where your spouse currently is parked and/or driving to.
  • Think twice before contacting by phone and/or meeting anybody you meet online. Limit all communication of on-line contacts to e-mail.
I hope some of these tips reach somebody who can use them and perhaps prevent a harmful circumstance from happening. This is something I have recently taken very personally and seriously. If any of you have any tips that I may have forgotten please comment below and I will add them to my list! This is something we should all take on to keep our families and our truckers safe!


  1. Another tip I heard recently that is particularly useful if you can't afford a security system is to keep your car keys by the bed! If an intruder were to break in at night, quickly grabbing your keys and hitting the alarm button will alert neighbors that something is going on and may even scare off a burglar.

    1. Thank you for the tip I will add it to the list! :)

  2. Although I am not a trucker wife I just wanted to add to your idea to have a charged cell phone handy. I would recommend even in this wireless age that every wife of a trucker who is home alone have a wired phone line in the house. When you call 911 on a cell phone here in California you are routed to an office of the California Highway Patrol. They then after you tell them the nature of the emergency decide what jurisdiction to route the call to. If you have a medical emergency or someone is breaking your door in this is going to waste time you don't have. You can get a really cheap landline for emergencies only from most telephone companies. Also I would say be mindful that most internet or cable phone services or Magic Jack don't count.

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  5. Making a home look inhabited is also a good tip. Your husband may not be around but you can make it look like he is by putting his dirty work boots on the porch. You can even leave dog toys to make it look like you have a guard dog. Anyway, it was great of you to post this, Kayla. I know a lot of people will find all these tips useful.

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  9. I just started seeing a truck driver and wanted a little more information on what he did. I never knew that the industry was so complicated! I thought they just drove somewhere, slept, and drove back. I guess if I am to date him for a long time I have a lot more to learn.


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  11. My husband is working as a truck driver for 2 years after he graduated in a truck driving school and I can say that as his wife that I am worried about his health. I heard that being a truck driver is not easy, there are certain incidents that will happen, but I just have to trust everything in his capabilities and keep reminding him to be safe always.

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