Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There's an App for that Review: Life 360

As I said last week, since A has been OTR for 5 months now I have been researching how to stay connected to him and ways to keep our relationship alive and exciting!

One of the ways we stay connected is through our smart phones (HOW ROMANTIC!? Ha ha!). A has an Android phone and I have an IPhone. There are many relationship building apps that maybe some of you other trucker wives never thought of using before, so I decided to review a few of our favorites for you! Last week I reviewed Avocado. I will review one app a week so keep checking back.

Life 360

Life 360 is a family locator app. This app gives you the ability through GPS tracking technology to know where everyone in your family is with a touch of a button.

When you sign onto the app it will take you directly to the Family Map. This shows exactly where each member of your family is on the map with a small picture of them. By clicking on their picture, it gives you more options.

The most important one is to receive Location History. By choosing this, it will show you down to the minute tracking information for where that person has been for the past 24 hours. This is very cool when you have an asphalt cowboy rolling across the USA!!

Another option is to request a Check-In. All this option does is send a message to the person of choice requesting them to "check-in" with their location. The last option is the receive point to point directions to the address where the other person is located. Its always nice to know exactly how many miles are between you and the ones you love!

 If you click on the menu, there are more options to choose from. Send private messages to those who are part of your circle. In addition, the "Places" feature is really neat. "Places" allows you to add certain points of interest to be notified when your family comes within 2 miles of that location. Right now, I have our home address set as one of the "Places". When my husband returns home and parks his truck, I get a text message notification that he is home...there is not a better feeling than receiving that text message!!

Many people may think this app is a little "creepy" or "stalkerish" but I think all you trucker-wives and significant others out there understand how great this app really is!

Life 360 is a free app and can be found on both Apple and Android devices! There is an option to upgrade to premium services for 5$ a month. With this upgrade you receive Roadside Assistance, ability to locate non-smart phones, unlimited places, 100$ phone protection, and expanded history location. Personally, for our use I believe the free version is more than enough!

Enjoy seeing everywhere your trucker travels with Life 360!

((I was not compensated or even asked to write this review, I simply wrote it for fun. If you do have a product you would like me to trial and review please feel free to e-mail me at RollOnMomma@gmail.com))


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    1. I'm glad I could reccommend it to you! It has really been a useful app to my husband and I! Trucker families can really appreciate it!

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    1. I love it too! I check it a dozen times a day! :P

  3. We use both Avocado and Life360. Avocado mainly for its lists. We use messaging on the PCs but don't text. Life360 lets us see where everyone is at anytime for peace of mind. The two services compliment each other and are great and don't noticeably impact battery life.